vRealize Automation 7 to 8 Migration Assessment

vRealize Automation 8 comes with significant changes to architecture, constructs and concepts from vRA 7.x and previous. For those customers who are thinking about migrating a 7.5+ based system to 8.x, an assessment is vital to verify how ready you are to head in this direction and the configuration you will likely need to address.

How To Assess an Environment

vRealize Automation 8 comes complete with an inbuilt migration assessment tool that is accessible once you have logged into the GUI. This means you need a vRealize Automation 8 installation completed before you can access the assessment tool.

To start an assessment you need to add a source 7.5+ environment to the tool and then select the tenants to assess. The embedded vRO also need to be selected if workflows are also to be examined.

The assessments are kicked off in the background and can be returned to at any time if you choose to navigate away.

Assessments are run on a per business group per tenant basis. Each business group can be drilled into to show the underlying objects and whether they are ready for migration or not. If one of several sub-objects have an issue then the whole root object is marked as not ready for migration.

In this example something that BusinessGroup1 has access to has an issue.

Drilling further down you can see it is one or composite blueprints.

In this case both of my blueprints have issues.

Now we can get to the cause of the issue which is custom properties that are not supported in vRealize Automation 8.

The same process is used for vRealize Orchestrator content. Here you can see workflows called out that refer to CAFE based objects and constructs used by vRA 7.x.

Expanding each problem item reveals specific issues and pinpoints line items within the actions/workflow concerned.

From this point you are free to make adjustments/fixes and re-run the assessment at any time. As you can see this is not a one click fix everything tool but it will provide you the information and areas you need to concentrate on if you are looking to transition from 7.x to 8.x.