Log Insight – Configuring Webhooks Re-Visited

Overview In a previous article I covered implementing VMware Webhook Shims functionality using the source on https://github.com/vmw-loginsight/webhook-shims. As I previously stated, this is not officially maintained so it's a "use at your own risk" scenario. I was recently contacted by a customer asking how they would go about leveraging a single webhook shims server with … Continue reading Log Insight – Configuring Webhooks Re-Visited

Log Insight – Configuring Webhooks

A few years ago an internal side project within VMware generated a mechanism to trigger calls to other VMware and 3rd party products from vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Operations that were not natively supported within either product. This was known as Webhook Shims and still exists to this day on Github (https://github.com/vmw-loginsight/webhook-shims). Recently one … Continue reading Log Insight – Configuring Webhooks

Log Insight – Replacing SSL Certificates

The following process has been illustrated using Log Insight version 4.6.1 however it is also the same for version 4.7. Log Insight comes configured out of the box with a self-signed certificate that is generated during the installation.  For some customers this is fine however there normally comes a point when either the certificate expires … Continue reading Log Insight – Replacing SSL Certificates

Scaling Log Insight

vRLI can be deployed in a variety of configurations but in its most basic form it is just a single virtual appliance.  This limits the number of supported agent connections, events per second, event storage capacity and overall system performance.  In fact all deployment types have limitations, those limitations just have higher values as more … Continue reading Scaling Log Insight

Log Insight – Analysis for Additional Products

vRLI 4.6 comes pre-installed with the capability to analyse core VMware products/components including vSphere, VSAN and vROPs.  Customers will require the ability to examine logs from other products that may or may not be VMware related and expect the same integrated experience when using filters, graphs and searching data.  To facilitate this, product content packs … Continue reading Log Insight – Analysis for Additional Products