SaltStack Config – Deploying Apps with vRealize Automation

Disclaimer - This is a re-post of an article I created for the VMware Cloud Management blog site ( Overview In this blog post I’m going to show how you can use vRealize Automation and vRealize SaltStack Config together to deliver automated application deployment. Both of these products are individually powerful but when you combine … Continue reading SaltStack Config – Deploying Apps with vRealize Automation

vRealize Orchestrator – Let’s Talk Polyglot

Overview For many years the VMware Orchestration platform (i.e. vRealize Orchestrator or vRO) has been leveraging JavaScript as its scripting language of choice. Any out of the box content and customer provided custom content has been created in JavaScript leveraging plugins to expose external product capabilities that can be leveraged via JavaScript objects, properties and … Continue reading vRealize Orchestrator – Let’s Talk Polyglot

vRA with Cloud-init and Static Networking

Overview This article is all about leveraging the static network assignment construct in vRA Cloud/8 Cloud Assembly blueprints and the impact this has (currently) on provisioning vSphere VMs. This topic seems to cause lots of head scratching and issues, really because currently if you try and leverage static address assignments (i.e. asking vRA to assign … Continue reading vRA with Cloud-init and Static Networking