vRealize Orchestrator – Let’s Talk Polyglot

Overview For many years the VMware Orchestration platform (i.e. vRealize Orchestrator or vRO) has been leveraging JavaScript as its scripting language of choice. Any out of the box content and customer provided custom content has been created in JavaScript leveraging plugins to expose external product capabilities that can be leveraged via JavaScript objects, properties and … Continue reading vRealize Orchestrator – Let’s Talk Polyglot

vRealize Automation – Customizing IP Assignments with vRO

Overview Today I thought I'd get back to vRealize Automation 8, in particular leveraging extensibility. Previously I have shown some examples of breaking out of the provisioning lifecycle to perform some external operations (CMDB updates etc.) however this time I want to look at how you can augment the provisioning process with information from external … Continue reading vRealize Automation – Customizing IP Assignments with vRO

Log Insight – Configuring Webhooks Re-Visited

Overview In a previous article I covered implementing VMware Webhook Shims functionality using the source on https://github.com/vmw-loginsight/webhook-shims. As I previously stated, this is not officially maintained so it's a "use at your own risk" scenario. I was recently contacted by a customer asking how they would go about leveraging a single webhook shims server with … Continue reading Log Insight – Configuring Webhooks Re-Visited

Log Insight – Configuring Webhooks

A few years ago an internal side project within VMware generated a mechanism to trigger calls to other VMware and 3rd party products from vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Operations that were not natively supported within either product. This was known as Webhook Shims and still exists to this day on Github (https://github.com/vmw-loginsight/webhook-shims). Recently one … Continue reading Log Insight – Configuring Webhooks

vRealize Operations – Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator

This article will walk you through getting the latest version of the "Management Pack for vROPs" installed and working, and get you on your journey to expanding out the functionality within vRealize Operations. What Is It? The management pack is a software update for vROPs that does several things including: Allowing visibility into vRO so … Continue reading vRealize Operations – Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator

Dynamic Types

Dynamic Types have always seemed to be a mystery to alot of people who use vRealize Orchestrator (vRO).  Sometimes people don't understand why you might need them and other times they just seem way to complex to figure out how they work and how to implement them. What and Why Dynamic Types enables you to … Continue reading Dynamic Types