vRealize Automation – NAT NSX Edge Internal Error

This short post covers an issue I came across the other day when testing out deploying a vRA blueprint that was configured with an “On-Demand NAT Network”.  Every time I tried to use the blueprint it would fail halfway through with the following error.

No data for field segment: Current field-id [address], current field path [machines[0]~nics[0]~address], remaining field path: [null]

The full error on screen is shown below.

vRA NSX Edge Internal Error

This error gave no indication about why the deployment failed apart from it being something to do with networking and the edge device (the exact error is logged against the edge device if you click on the info symbol).

I guessed that it could be address related given the field path reported in the error message so putting both of these bits of informatiom together I guessed that the NSX edge device was not being given an IP address.

The IP addressing for the edge is provided by the External network profile (the IP scheme for the transit network) that is attached to the NAT profile being used by the “On-Demand NAT Network”.  This External profile had exhausted all of its address space and was therefore unable to provide an IP address for the new edge device.

The simple fix was to increased the network range for the profile.